Dovenmacob - My experience!

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Hmmm let see what can I say if any one of you believe Dovenmacob is real or try to defend her you obviously have some mental illness strung up on coke or you are just plain dumb or could be desprate. let me tell you I was dumb before too.

I happen to have stumbled upon some of her items one day and taught hmm I should try it out what do I have to lose anyways apparently my money. I bought her so called spell that grants you two jinn wishes and I followed ever y instruction. I gave her my email and details of what I wanted to come true I was patient did not think about if it was going to come true or not just waited and a year and a half passed nothing happened to me at all. after all this time I am disappointed I have got scammed now this isn't the first time.

I have had also got scammed by so called Enchanted Willow Witch Cottage and let me tell you there was nothing Enchanted about it. I bought three items from her one a unicorn necklace that promised so much good a wish bottle that the cape broke easily off and a wish box that was a small cardboard box shaped like a star with a button star on it that you could see the glue from looked like something I could of made at home. supposedly it was hand crafted and tested to be paranormal yeah the only thing paranormal was my money disappearing! ok now lets go back to Dovenmacob I have bought more items from her.

one for my sister the spell bounding one that makes you and you're lover bind too you that didn't work he ended up leaving her and another item I tested out was the attraction spell for love and money that also didn't work so all of these items not working wonder why! And I have heard some many wonderful comments about her. see that's the thing that's what gets you it's the views and comments that draw you in these people aren't really carrying paranormal items it's all fake magic it's an illusion they put some many good reviews and promise you so many things to try and lure you in to buy there so called paranormal goodies. do not get me wrong I believe ever so strongly in the paranormal but let's just face it if you really had an item that could grant wishes give you powers or bring you money would you really sell it?

and for such a cheap price no you would not and you would definitely would not sell it on Ebay! because you could just give it to a person for free from all the money you made from that item. you would not ever have to sell right? of course I am just saying to you all on my experience with both of these sellers to tell you that if it sounds too good to be true it is.

but who knows there might really be a person out there who really does sell authentic real paranormal goodies.

but the chances of you finding one are 5 to 100 excuse me if my grammar isn't very good but I do make a point thanks for reading ! ^_-

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